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Captur is a decentralized asset management protocol that runs on chain and is built exclusively for crypto assets. It does two things:
First, it enables skilled crypto traders to become crypto asset managers by supplying the protocol with trade ideas and get paid for their trading performance.
Second, it allows investors of all proficiency levels to invest their crypto assets with these skilled traders via three investment products, all of which the protocol builds from the trade ideas that are submitted to it: single trade ideas, portfolios, and baskets.
Furthermore, the protocol has portfolio insurance capabilities. Holders of CAPT, the protocol's native governance token, insure investors in the aforementioned baskets against extreme losses.
Captur is governed democratically by the holders of its CAPT governance token who decide on key parameters of the protocol.
Captur tears down the artificial barriers that CeFi has erected around the investment industry for potential asset managers and their investors. It will eventually be open source, addressing the lack of transparency and misalignment of incentives that CeFi is suffering from. Finally, it cuts out the middle men and harnesses the powers of disintermediation to the benefit of its users.