How does Captur make the world a better place?

There are plenty of skilled traders out there who have the necessary skills to become asset managers. Traditional finance has erected barriers to entry into the asset management industry to protect their profits from these traders. These barriers are often artificial. Traditional finance selects by things like having an expensive degree or knowing the right people instead of what really counts: investment performance. Captur tears down these barriers: anyone with an internet connection can be an asset manager on the protocol.

We’ve set down a timeline for Capture to transition towards becoming entirely open source, fully decentralized, and self-governed by its community – much like a guild or cooperative. No more closed-door board meetings and centralization of power in corporate HQs.

The Captur protocol eliminates multiple layers of middlemen when compared to traditional finance where they continue to skim value off of consumers’ portfolios. At Captur value remains where it belongs, with Eagles and Wolves.
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Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is was not